The space industry deserves better tools, and we're going to provide them.

Creating Software to Change Space

Our Mission is to accelerate the growth of the space sector by providing better tools to all levels of this industry. Through the development of novel mission planning and analysis tools we can boost the success rate of young space companies, enhance the capabilities of mature government space agencies, and enable more hands-on space science education for budding scientists and engineers all over the world.
Through association with Icarus Interstellar, we have the ability to reach deep into the space industry and strengthen it from the inside out. A strong network of advisers, experts and designers at Icarus provides us with hard earned wisdom in the space industry.
Voyager can be used for initial mission planning, detailed analysis, and potentially as in-flight mission software for modern spacecraft. We are building the best space mission planning software, and with it we are going to get a step closer to exploring the stars.

For Education and Research

Voyager has been built from the beginning to make use of a modern 3D interface, stunning visuals, and an accessible learning curve which - along with its accuracy and capabilities - makes it a powerful educational tool. The software is designed to be accessible by students from elementary, to post-graduate levels of education. 
For younger students, it acts as an interactive space map - excellent for both teaching, and for hands-on learning. For university students, it is a powerful physics tool, ready for use in both lecture and laboratory settings. As an educational tool, Voyager provides an incredible utility for educators the world over.

For Industry

We want to give the entire Space Industry a major boost through Voyager. Younger space companies will benefit from having access to accurate, flexible, and powerful mission planning software - giving them a better change of success in the market, and enabling them to play on the industry stage much faster. With documentation and reporting tools built in, it is a perfect platform to give young space organizations a boost into orbit.
Voyager is also intended for established space organisations in the private or public sectors, who can benefit not only from the above mentioned system capabilities, but the ease of integration into existing environments. Our software can provide a standardized system for mission planning, which can export data into a variety of formats. It also provides complete capabilities for documentation, reporting, and mission analysis.